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May 31, 2022 South Africa, Gauteng, Bronkhorstspruit 5


Technique. “Technique” is the way that paint is applied to canvas. Techniques in oil paint are the equivalent of notes and chords in music.

If you only have 3 notes, you are limited in the music you can create. The same in oil paint. MOST people use only 3 techniques when they paint.

There are 12 Techniques. 

If someone doesn’t have all 12 Techniques then they do not possess the means to create to their full potential. It is simply physically impossible.

I stress this point always: you don’t need to use all 12 techniques in each painting. But you do need to know them, so you are choosing the right technique to achieve what you want, when you want. 

You need all 12 techniques to choose from. Simple as that.

Each of them teaches the 12 techniques. The artist learns them as they create sophisticated paintings.

It is very, very easy to learn. If you want to see how easy it is, please let me know and I’ll give you free access to a course, for a month or so, so you can live it and feel it for yourself.

The difference an artist feels, and experiences, in being able to use all 12 Techniques is the same as someone feels in composing sensational music or songs, compared with composing “Three Blind Mice”.

There is no mystery. “Talent” is misleading and is often the scapegoat used to describe why some paint brilliantly and most don’t. Most don’t because they don’t have the technique toolkit to use.

It’s all about technique. Get the techniques, you can do it too. As an artist you don’t have time pressures as you do in music. Just take all the time you want. You can make mistakes and go over them, fix them, which you can’t in music, and you can have a break and come back to the work, which you can’t in music.

Creating sophisticated works of art is the easiest of all the arts.

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