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Nano Metadichol Policosanol is made from all natural, food-based ingredients and has no known side effects. Its main ingredient is policosanol that can be found in raw foods such as rice, sugar cane, wheat and peanuts.

This life-supporting nutrient is usually lost during food processing.

Metadichol is a specific narrow spectrum subset of natural policosanols in ultra-pure water.

This nano-emulsion of policosanol—a substance derived from naturally occurring plant waxes known as long-chain lipid alcohols is nano encapsulated to 60 nanometers.

Metadichol Universal Cell Repair Anti-aging and DNA Repair Supplement Metadichol helps repair DNA damage.

This damage can come from: Exposure to environmental toxins Emotional trauma Viral infections And other stressors.

These things all affect your cells ability to replicate correctly. Metadichol is able to help restore your cells ability to replicate, withOUT these distortions. It's like making new cells just like the original. Instead of a fuzzy replication. 

Benefits of Metadichol Policosanol

Anti-aging to increase longevity 

Improves most underlying health problems 

Reduces inflammation and pain

Blocks infections

Enhances wound healing

Increases energy Promotes proper immune functions

Increases cognitive function

Relieves itchy eyes and itchy skin

Applied topically rejuvenates skin

Improves vitamin D3 utilization

Increases Vitamin C

Promotes Adiponectin (a hormone that helps regulate blood glucose)

Assists cardiovascular health

Supports the repair of damaged blood vessels

Inhibits TNF-α and NF-κB Regulates thousands of human genes

Modulates abnormal biomarkers Upregulates whatever is low, and downregulates whatever is high .

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