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Lal Kitab has special importance in astrology. In this book, very easy measures have been given for the people, using which a person can easily remove the planetary defects present in the horoscope. According to Lal Kitab, even after investing hard work and money, if your business is not running properly, or you are facing difficulties in business. Then, the measures to remove obstacles have been explained in Lal kitab specialist.

Lal Kitab is an astrology book that mostly tells many Vedic astrological stories in different ways. Instead of using Sanskrit verses, it is mostly composed in Urdu. Each declaration in the Lal Kitab is treated as a permanent master planet in Vedic astrology, and all astrological calculations are made only using it. There are 12 quarters in all, with Aries in the first house and Taurus in the second. The result is determined by the precise position of each planet in each house, with Aries in power the first house and Taurus in power the second. The Lal Kitab stands out for having taken such direct action in the form of instructions.

Lal Kitab Personalized Report

Each issue can be resolved with the remedies given in Lal Kitab. It has cures for problems in the field of conflicts with the family, finance, health, work area, business, marriage, love, and education. If you're also experiencing some sort of financial crisis, then by taking these steps, you can get rid of your issues. These actions can address your issues. If you also want to advance in your business and your career, then surely do these special measures.

  •  Lal Kitab Planetary predictions (sun, moon, Mars and mercury etc)

  •  Lal Kitab Ratna and kind of horoscope

  •  Remedies of Lal Kitab

  •  Debts of previous birth as per Lal Kitab

  •  Two years of Varshphal analysis

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