Quang Tri My Homeland

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Quang Tri is my hometown.

More than 179,345 km long, the western border borders the beautiful country of Laos and more than 75 km the east coast borders the East Sea. Quang Tri homeland is considered as one of the vast provinces with many diverse natural landscapes, the most iconic symbol of Vietnam. Quang Tri province's topography includes many different types, not only mountains, forests, rivers, and seas. This place is also the convergence of small plains, green midlands, or unique mountainous regions.

Beautiful nature with natural advantages,
and also the harshness of the weather have created a resilient character, typical of Quang Tri people. Bringing differences and novelties in terms of economy, politics, culture, customs and habits, famous landmarks and unique regional cuisine to Quang Tri countryside. Let's go along National Highway 1A, along the North-South railway to return to the homeland of Quang Tri. To live once, to experience the beauty, the novelty, the love of life and people here.

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Topography of Quang Tri province.

Quang Tri province
is geographically located on coordinates from 16018 to 17010 North latitude, 106032 to 107034 East longitude. As a province directly under the country of Vietnam: The North borders Le Thuy district, Quang Binh province, the South borders Phong Dien district, Thua Thien Hue province, the East borders the East Sea, the West borders Laos.

The topography of Quang Tri province
is mainly formed by the structure of the Truong Son mountain range, so it is divided into 4 main types: plains, hilly areas, midlands, sandy plains and coastal areas. Due to the lower terrain from West to East, the West has high mountains, making the river and stream system here steep and the base is small and not long.

The high-mountain area
distributed to the west is characterized by high slope, strong cleavage, strong leaching and erosion. Suitable for perennial trees and bear breeding, there are many large forests here. The hills and mountains here are mainly from 250-2000m high, which is very convenient for the construction of small hydroelectricity. But it brings difficulties for moving, commuting, installing electricity works, traffic, industrial parks ...

The hilly and low mountain
areas are the contiguous areas between the high mountains and the plains. With the characteristics of lightness and comfort, fertile basalt soil, this place is suitable for growing perennial fruit trees, industrial plants... Next is the plains, this is the area that is accreted from rivers and streams of the province. . Because of its flat and rich alluvial characteristics, it is a key place for agricultural development, rice production, and high economic return for the whole province.

The coastal area of Quang Tri
province is made up mainly of coastal sand dunes. Also has a high level of flatness, so it is suitable for people's peaceful settlement. However, the harsh conditions of coastal weather, heavy rain, arid land, mangroves. So this place does not bring convenience for farming, or industrial exploitation.

Quang Tri:
New life energy

Economy of Quang Tri Province.

Quang Tri
has a total natural area of about 4,737.44 km2, the total population is about 638,627 people in 2020. According to the general assessment, the population density here is only about 130 people/km2, which is lower than the density. of provinces and cities across the country. However, this is also a province that is highly appreciated for receiving many advantages from its geographical location, infrastructure, population, etc., creating an important premise for economic development.

Inheriting great advantages from its location, Quang Tri has rapidly promoted economic development in all aspects. Possessing important infrastructure points such as Lao Bao international border gate, Cua Viet seaport... Quang Tri has favorable economic and trade connections with the East-West economic corridor. Cooperating with Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, bringing about stable and sustainable economic development. From there, it is possible to quickly develop economic trade, commerce, air transport, sea transportation, tourism services... Bringing high economic benefits.

Besides, Quang Tri is also fortunate to be located at the intersection of key roads across the country. These include National Highway 1A, Ho Chi Minh Road, North-South Railway, National Highway 9, Trans-Asian Road... It will help connect the province's trade and economy with all other provinces and cities across the country. Creating favorable conditions for Quang Tri province to develop its economy, attracting investment projects in infrastructure, transport, society, culture, education, health and sports in the whole province.

Quang Tri province
has a tropical monsoon climate, relatively high temperature, sufficient conditions for light, rainfall, etc., which is very favorable for the development of agro-forestry economy. Therefore, this is the province that suffers the most from extreme weather. The strong southwesterly winds from March to September have caused heavy damage to the economy when suffering from a prolonged drought. Along with that is the impact of the northeast monsoon from October to February next year, making Quang Tri very prone to flooding. The economy here will also be affected to some extent.
The traditional handicraft industry that has been attached to many generations of Quang Tri people is still handed down and replicated to this day. In particular, the handicraft industry is developing strongly. Help improve people's living standards, and create conditions to promote the economic development of the whole region.

The task of planning Quang Tri province

Culture of Quang Tri Province.

With the diversity of natural topography, and the contact with many different regions and regions both at home and abroad. Quang Tri province also possesses a rich and diverse culture. Visitors to Quang Tri can not only listen to folk songs, chants, and rhymes, but also enjoy folk songs and unique dances of an ancient and ethnic culture.

Due to the geographical location divided into many different areas, Quang Tri province also has a diversity in religion. It is full of prominent religions such as Confucianism, Buddhism, and Christianity. Bringing unique beauty, rich in both customs and spirit of life here. Basically, the culture of Quang Tri province is the harmony between two distinct cultures, the Vietnamese culture and the Cham customs. According to tradition, these cultural features have existed since the ancient Nguyen Dynasty. And it is always the pride and identity that people here have burned for generations. "Heartful, talented and virtuous" "Noble, well-dressed, needy girl", good cultural traits have been molded on the people of Quang Tri who are tolerant, hardworking, thrifty, hardworking, simple-minded, and loving. life, responsible for the country, kind and gentle.

Quang Tri:
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Famous places in Quang Tri province.

The beautiful and diverse nature has endowed Quang Tri province with famous scenic spots. Coming to the land of Quang Tri, immersing yourself in the fresh and fresh space of the mountains, forests and rivers, you will feel like you are lost in a fairyland. Especially, the diverse customs and culture here make the beautiful scenery here even more famous, impressive and attractive.

If once had the opportunity to set foot in the land of Quang Tri, full of sunshine and wind, but equally poetic and mysterious. You should remember to visit the famous scenic spots below. Just miss one of these places and you'll feel like you haven't fully understood the beloved Tri Quang:

  • Quang Tri Ancient Citadel.
  • La Vang Sanctuary.
  • Tung door.
  • Tra Loc Tram Tram.
  • Chemistry Direction.
  • Ta Con Airport.
  • Lao Bao border gate.
  • Lao Bao Prison.
  • Chenh Venh Waterfall.
  • Prai Cave.
  • Ta Puong Waterfall.
  • Waterfall Oh.
  • Cam Lo.
  • Con Co Island.
  • Vinh Moc Tunnels.
  • Hien Luong Bridge.
  • Mui Lay.
  • Cua Viet Beach.
  • Truong Son National Cemetery.
  • Er Ha Sand Dunes.
  • Con Tien Base.

The above are just some of the famous landmarks for a lifetime and the places that are being directed by many tourists in Quang Tri. The beautiful scenery here has its own diversity and uniqueness, nowhere else is the same. Always bring visitors a new, unique and exciting feeling.

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Make the address of Quang Tri province.

Quang Tri is not only famous
for its breathtaking scenery but also passionately led by an impressive culinary culture that attracts many tourists. The land that is destined to only have "sun and wind" is fortunate to have an impressive and sophisticated cuisine. If you have come to Quang Tri, you have not enjoyed delicious dishes such as: stew, My Chanh filter cake, Quang Tri cake, Phuong Lang wet cake, buffalo meat with smooth leaves, Mai Xa vermicelli, turmeric vermicelli, and porridge. seaweed, fish porridge with bed scales, duck flour porridge, jelly cake, jackfruit, watercress salad, little thorn leaves cake, moon cake... Then you have wasted a trip.

It can be seen that the cuisine of Quang Tri province has bold regional imprints, each time enjoying a special dish of Quang Tri province. You will feel that in it is not only the delicious taste of the food, but also the romantic taste of the sea, the coolness of the Truong Son mountains, the warmth of the Lao wind, the spicy taste of the sunny wind... body. love, closeness, sincerity of the people here.

Quang Tri:
Cua Viet, a coastal city on the East-West Economic Corridor - Tourism Summary


Quang Tri is home
to a long-standing culture, an impressively developed economy, and a diverse cuisine. It is the destination of one-of-a-kind scenic spots. Experiencing many ups and downs of history, the cruelty of war, outstanding development Tri Quang's superiority in ability to launch all aspects has marked important steps in the development process. Help Quang Tri write his name in the hearts of the people of the country and affirm his firm position on the map of Vietnam.

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