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Christian Encouragement For Entrepreneurs

August 12, 2016 was one of the worst days of my life!

As I watched my Mom take her final breath, I was paralyzed with shock,

sorrow, fear and uncertainty. I did not know what I was going to do.

Me, an only child who had enjoyed having my Mom live with me for the

past 7 years. My job had been to take care of her and make sure that

she was happy. Now, my Mom was gone! What was I to do now?

When I return home from Michigan to Phoenix,

my house will be empty, and I will be alone!

My heart sank. I felt that my life no longer had purpose. I immediately

began sobbing again with tears of pain so devastating that I could feel

it in the pit of my stomach. I saw no future for me. No reason to

continue living. I called out to God “why Lord, why?” “What am I

supposed to do now?” I felt like my life was over. I asked God to

take me too. I said “Lord, I can’t do life without my Mom”.

I heard God say, “Yes you can. You Are ABLE!” I knew God must be

talking to the wrong person. I said “No. No I can’t, take me too!

I want to be with my Mom!” Again, I heard, “Yes you can. You Are ABLE!”

I started to see how the loss of my Mom and my desire to find my new

purpose and direction for the future, would be a fantastic way for me

to fulfill God’s assignment for me. I could use my pain and knowledge

to assist other women who may now or had in the past, experienced a

life changing event, as I just had, to find themselves and move

forward to a successful future and become an entrepreneur!

It was through this experience that the idea of writing this book,

sprang forth. I pray that as you transition from pain and hopelessness

into empowered and successful, you will remember that, with God’s help:



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