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With that said, when you're living in a state, you see everything in color, so the guidebook is used to get you around. Maybe you don't need color in that situation. However, because I am here in the States, contemplating my next trip and remembering the times I lived there, the colour is wonderful. This is particularly true as I look at pictures of places I remember visiting. The color helps bring those memories alive .Why is it that the residents of this island can't buy a JR pass for themselves? It's because they're not sold within the country. So, if you plan on visiting the country, you need to buy it before you get there. There are two kinds of passes - green vehicle and the ordinary vehicle. Green cars are considered first class cars and have chairs which are more spacious than what you see with ordinary cars.Up early this morning - ready to begin the day, and in this large city I could hear the roosters crooning. I walked a couple of blocks down the street for my first cup of Starbucks coffee in Japan (have to admit it tasted good) and enjoyed the bustle on the primary street of Fukuoka. On with my group blue blazer, and equipped japan travel with many presents to take to our hosts (including Kona coffee from Teri in half pound bags) - we assembled for a Japanese style breakfast back in the resort. I first noticed how gracious it's here - gentle bowing, smiles, many to escort you - and a people link that looks you in the eye and sees you (I like that). I'm feeling comfortable here.For Westerners who frequent Japan on business - or for those who live there - among the hidden secrets that will make for a wonderful trip is that of seeing an onsen, or hot spring. Forget what you know about the hot springs you've experienced in other countries.Tsukiji market - the world's largest open air fish market. Among the most Exciting Things to do in Tokyo. Fish and seafood worth millions of dollars are sold there each day. Tokyo fish market Tuna auctions are world known.Don't miss out on low cost trips in Japan. You must travel to Mt. Fuji. This is a voyage that your family will never forget. Also, take in a Sumo wrestling game for something entirely different that the children can not see anywhere else! Your wife will love the shopping in both Hong Kong and Japan, so take some spending cash!Only tourists are allowed to buy a Japan Rail pass. And, it must be done before coming to the country. When bought, visitors will find a voucher that has to be exchanged to find the true pass inside the country and within three months of purchasing it. 한국커뮤니티 may not be upgraded. Pass holders needing to ride the Mizuho or Nozomi rails must pay the full ticket price. Thus, visitors must be aware what trains they are boarding so as not to get on those rails on accident.