If you've had the delight of reading comments like this

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One of the reasons endurance is so critical is that it also influences Equip Load.This statistic determines the amount of Elden Ring Runes weight you have to carry, which in turn determines the kind of armor, shields and weapons you are able to carry in a way that doesn't affect your movement.

Elden Ring not having a"pause" button isn't an issue of figuring out how to get gud The Reader's Feature

If you've had the delight of reading comments like this, you may be familiar with Elden Ring, developer FromSoftware's most recent game which came out towards the end of February to great reviews.

After all three giants have been declared dead , you can collect the treasure on the bridge. There's an Warming Stone sitting on a crushed in-section near the middle of the bridge, and then the Soft Cotton and Ash-of-War Scarab is waiting at the end of the bridge behind the Teleporter. However, I'd rather use the teleporter first , then go to the Divine Tower and come back prior to dropping down to pick up that loot because scaling up the debris is irritating.

Utilize the teleporter to be transferred across the bridge to your Divine Tower in the distance. The door will not be unlocked until after you have defeated Godrick. With the Rune in hand, open to the entrance and take the elevator up to the top of the hill where you can use the Spot of Grace get the original Godrick's Great Rune. This can be activated at a Spot of Grace to access its power using a Rune Arc. Similar to Cheap Elden Ring Items its counterpart the Ember found in Dark Souls III, using the Rune Arc will give you the Great Rune buff until you end your life.

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