Defense was also a key priority for the next-gen AI front

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April 30, 2022 Germany, Brandenburg 10


For floor defenders body-up riding and bumps make you feel more enthused, especially for those who use the PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller thanks to Cheap NBA 2K22 MT the tactile feedback. The ability to launch, change direction, stop and cuts all feel much tighter, and PS5 players will see much less sliding on both sides of the floor as a result of enhancements to foot-planting.

Defense was also a key priority for the next-gen AI front. New defensive positioning technology on-ball helps defenders be more consistent with their positioning, regardless of what distance they stand from the ball. This, along with motion improvements, allowed us to improve general defensive positioning. This means PS5 players will feel more pressure defensively on the ball than in the previous year's game.

This year's goal was to tie the basic size-ups with Signature Size-ups in a way that gives each player a unique feel and feel when they size up. This also gave gamers complete choice over how their game is played out. The speed stick that we introduced on PS5 last year also returns. Also, flicking the stick quickly will result in faster drizzles, while slow flicks give you more fluid ones.

There are approximately 50 signature size-up packages and 32 unique dribble sequences that you can choose from. You should give all of them a shot to find out which one best suits the rhythm of how you prefer to play. From the movement to the latest combos and moves they'll be the same between PS5 in addition to PS4!

Now a little treat for the bigs. We've spent lots of time updating post-play with a ton of fresh content, which includes the introduction of a new motion and an range of back-tobasket techniques. Similar to face-up ball handling, a lot of the new techniques are cancelled and roll backs. For instance, begin a post spin by twirling with the Pro Stick, then immediately move the left stick in the opposite direction to initiate the spin to reverse. There are even new R2 fakes that will keep you on NBA 2K MT the edge of your seat during post and allow you to link multiple fakes , without losing the attention of.


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