Local Leader emails is commericaly good

August 14, 2022 United States, New York, Adams 3


Now, you may be asking, “Aren’t the emails that come with Local Leader Commercial good enough?”


And yes they are, but they have not been verified. Verification is a different process that has a cost attached to it. The leads have been collected from multiple sources, but ultimately they run that same 22% risk we mentioned earlier. It's just not cost effective for us to run every email we gather through the verification process as it would send the price through the roof.


What our email verification features do is verify the emails of leads you are going to be reaching out to. This gives you a significant advantage over just the list of emails you get with the Commercial version.


You choose which leads you are going to mail to and then you verify those emails. This process will dramatically increase your inboxing rate. Which is the key, first step to converting your leads into clients.


The more inboxes you get in and the more spam folders you avoid, the better your domain reputation becomes. The better your domain reputation becomes the more likely you are to have your offers being opened by your leads.


Speaking of the emails offers you are sending. We don’t want you to have to guess at what to say. So we put our top copy writers to work and had them generate a whole bunch of cold emails to send as offers.


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